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Active lime production line

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Active lime is an important auxiliary material in steel making industry.It’s widely used in Al2O3 production, steel production, calcium carbide , Metal Mg production and Power plant desulfurization paper production area.As proved in production, the using of active lime in steel making industry is very profitable. The using of active lime enhances the steel making industry quality and capacity , lower down the loss and cost, and it is stabilizes the operation.The Great Wall Machinery can provide complete equipments for active lime production line


Working Principle

The limestone in the pre-heater is heated to around 900 ° C by the kiln flue gas of 1150 ° C. At this time, about 30% of the limestone has been decomposition. Then the limestone is put into the rotary kiln by the hydraulic stem. Sinters and decomposes into CaO and CO2 in the rotary kiln the limestone . It is cooled to about 100 ° C in the cold air before the decomposed limestone goes into the cooler . The 600 ° C hot air after heat exchange goes into the kiln and combusts with gas. The Exhaust gas blended with the cold wind go to the bag filter through the suction fan and then through the exhaust fan into the chimney.


Advantage of active lime line

1.Steelmaking practice proved that, the active lime can improve 80% the desulfurization and dephosphorization efficiency , and reduce the smelting time. It also can be completely take reaction in the molten steel with acidic substances in 3-5 minutes.The lime reaction time at least need 6-10 minutes in shaft kiln . It also increase furnace ridge above 40%. The furnace burden consumption is reduced to 5-8kg/t steel,savings annual about 15000000,production efficiency is significant.

2.Active lime is obviously improved for desulfurization and dephosphorization efficiency ,the average steel removal rate of is 34.5% ,especially for high S iron (S ≥ 0.06%), and the S removal agent consumption can be decrease by about 45%.

3.Steelmaking can use active lime,iron material consumption can be decrease 5-15Kg/t steel,than non-active lime . And it also can reduce the steel splash and adhesion on oxygen lance;sticky mouth;flue sticking phenomenon.

4.Lime use level reduced: steelmaking use active lime, the consumption can reduce 20~25kg/t steel,compared with non-active lime . But if use non-active lime,use level is more than 65~70kg,if use active lime, is 40~41.5kg/t steel.

5.Steelmaking use active lime,dephosphorization , desulfurization ability is significant,slagging is fast , the production efficiency can be increased by 5%~10%.

6.Quality requirement of the active lime limestone:CaO≥52% SiO2≮2.0% MgO≮1.5%

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