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600,000 t/a GGBFS Plant

Application Cement Plant
Annual Output 600,000 tons
Power Consumption 37 kWh/t
Blaine Fineness 4200-4500 cm²/g


The GGBFS(Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag), independently designed and manufactured by Great Wall Machinery, is the special equipment for milling water slag, steel slag and other industrial slag into powder size It is the excellent equipment for producing steel slag powder in the processing of crushing, conveying, grinding and drying The whole system has High grinding efficiency but less than 43 kwh t power consumption


1. 20-30% power consumption are saved, compared with ball grinding mill

The material is ground in the material layer with low energy consumption. Along with the increasing of the 

moisture content, the better of the power saving effect is. 

2. The noise control conform to "Emission standard for industrial enterprises noise"

It doesn’t work as ball mill, no crash from grinding balls and ball& lining plate. The noise is controlled lower 

20-25% db than the ball mill.

3. Small Dust Concentration

As the vertical mill work in the full closed system with negative pressure, there is no raise dust. Very clean anddust emission index can conform to Emission standard of air pollutants for cement industry.

4. Good material drying capacity, finished products moisture can be 0.5-1.0%

The hot wind blows into vertical mill to carry the material. When the feed moisture is too big, we can control

the wind’s temperature to make sure the finished products moisture are qualified.

5. Less Product Unit Metal Consumption

Because there are no immediate contact between grinding roller & grinding table, the vertical mills have small erosion and thus extend its machine life and save the product cost.

6. Finished Products Brunauer-Emmett-Teller 4200-4500 cm²/g

As raw meal stays in the vertical mill very soon, it is easy to test and control its particle size and chemical

 component. The over grinding phenomenon is diminished and product quality are more stable. 

7. Vertical mill floor space is 50% of ball mill’s. Save investment cost. 

Vertical mill is designed with simple technological process, constructed with small floor spaces, compact 

allocation and outdoor arrangement, which greatly low down the investment cost. 


1. 3 years for cost recovering

2. Scientific process optimization and control are used to low down the energy consumption

3. Shorten EPC period, save your time-cost.


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