Cement Grinding Plant

Cement Grinding Plant

CHAENG can undertake EPC turnkey services for Clinker Grinding Unit with an annual output of 150,000-2,000,000 tons


Process Description

The whole system of cement grinding station mainly includes cement grinding, cement homogenization and batching, cement packaging and bulk loading. And the system is composed of cement mill, OSEPA high-efficiency separator, elevator, packing machine and so on. In order to meet the customers' requirements on different granularity of auxiliary materials, it can be equipped with high-efficiency hammer crusher for optimal combination and classification.


Clinker grinding plant


Process flow chart
clinker grinding plant

1.Cement grinding system

Various materials are quantitatively given in the cement batching process according to the set ratio. After the materials are discharged proportionally by the feeding metering equipment, they are sent to the ball mill by belt conveyor.

2.Powder separation system

The ground material is transported up by the bucket elevator to the separator. After separating, the materials that do not meet the particle size requirements are transported from the air chute to the ball mill for regrinding. The dust of the ball mill is transported to the dust collector by the pipeline. The qualified materials sorted by the separator and the dust deposited by the dust collector are transported together by the air chute to the bucket elevator, and then lifted to the stock bin.

3.Packing system

The materials in the stock bin are conveyed from the air chute to the bucket elevator, and then from the bucket elevator up to the vibrating screen to screen out the impurities in the materials. The filtered materials enter the silos, then are sent to the packing machine by the rigid impeller feeder, and finally the cement packed into bags is transported to the warehouse by the flat conveyor.




The CHAENG cement grinding station overcomes the of the traditional equipment’s shortcoming that the clinker grinding cost is too high. The system configuration is reasonable, the production efficiency is high, the output is large.


The cement grinding plant is equipped with a modern electronic control operating system. It has a high degree of automation and simple operation, requiring no manual operation except for the switch machine and routine maintenance.


CHAENG can provide customers with:

1) complete equipment and accessories for cement grinding station;

2) EPC services: complete solutions including design, research and development, manufacturing, transportation, installation, commissioning, training, and after-sales.


Clinker Grinding Unit

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