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Supporting Roller of Rotary Kiln

Weight 7~42 tons
Material ASTM: 1055 / DIN: 42CrMo4 / BS: 070M55
Application Rotary Kiln, Cement Kiln
Customizable Yes


The supporting roller bears the whole rotary kiln part weight (main part barrel, lining brick, heat exchange device in stove, material, tyre, girth gear ring) The barrel and kiln tyre can smooth rotate on the supporting roller So bearing performance of support roller has become one of the measure standard of the rotary kiln product high quality


The support roller can bear bigger load, and with good continuous operation performance.

The support roller used ZG55, ZG42CrMo and so on material, it not only can guarantee quality but also has the advantages such as bigger bearing load and better continuous operation.

Simple structure, easy to adjust and repair.

The support roller adopted rolling bearing wheel has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient maintenance.

The product has high hardness by normalizing and tempering process.

The surface hardness of the final support roller is more than 200HB by normalizing and tempering process. It can guarantee quality of the support roller device of rotary kiln.


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