Thermal Power Plant

Thermal Power Plant

Coal is the mainly energy consumption, so it is the main problem to improve coal fired efficiency for thermal power plant Traditional ball mill has large power consumption in the process of production, and fineness of pulverized coal is not up to the standard


At present, the following problems commonly exist in domestic thermal power plants:The power consumption of raw coal pulverizing system is high, leading to high operating costs.The fineness of pulverized coal produced by current grinding equipment is poor, and the combustion efficiency is low.The productive technology of original equipment is backward, the efficiency is low and the wear-out is serious.

During the 12th Five-Year Plan, our country will carry out the demonstration pilot work on energy conservation and emission reduction and comprehensive utilization of resource mainly in the field of thermal power, nuclear power and renewable energy resources. In addition, with the determination of the main tone of transforming the economic growth mode, the application and research and development of related core technology must become center of the enterprises in the industry, and the technology will directly determinate the market competitiveness of enterprises.

Under the new situation, the power plant put forward new demand to equipment and production line:Optimizing the grinding technology and equipment of super-fine pulverized coal, improving combustion efficiency and reducing energy consumption.Optimizing the enterprise investment, improving the production efficiency and reducing the operating costs.Improving the productive technology and equipment, reducing the worn-out and prolonging the life time.



Customer Benefits

Enhancing the combustion efficiency of pulverized coal, the energy consumption reduces by 30%, which fulfills the national standard.

The working mechanism being changed, reducing the worn-out and prolonging the life time, the operating costs is reduced.

High degree of homogenization, short grinding time and high production efficiency.

Characteristics of Solution

1. Low power consumption of coal vertical roller mill (about 7-8 kWh/t) and long life time of grinding parts. High separation efficiency and excellent homogenization.

2. With reasonable overall structure, stable performance, simple operation, obvious energy-saving effect, the main technological and economic indicators of this solution reach the international advanced level.

3. High crushing ratio and long life time of grinding parts, wide scope of application to materials, good applicability with high and low load.

4. Low investment costs and stable product quality.

5. The noise is low and the equipment is sealed integrally, no dust overflowing. The environment is clean, fulfilling the national environmental requirements.

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