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Trunnion Bearings of Ball Mill

Weight 5-30 tons
Material ASTM: 1025 / DIN: CK25 / BS: 070M26
Application Ball Mill, Tube Mill
Customizable Yes


Trunnion Bearings is an important part loading mill cylinder rotary These casting surfaces such as the neck contacted with the mill spherical tile and the circular arc neck contacted with cylinder are free of blowhole and sand inclusion in the cast process; the position parts contacted with spherical tile need to grinding after machining in machining process So that can ensure the tolerance and roughness So the products requirement is very high for casting process, our company is one of the enterprises with high quality hollow shaft casting inland


  1. Our company used the special heat treatment technology to enhance the trunnion bearings hardness and impact strength.

  2. Our company produced the trunnion bearings castings with high strength steel raw material. Our professional engineers also optimized the trunnion bearings technological structure base on ball mill operation process in the early stage. So can not only guarantee the stability of the part in the long run but also prolong the part working life.

  3. Our company has rich production capability in steel castings. For the components such as the trunnion bearings, we can provide them in large production quantity with short cast period. 


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