Steel Mill

Steel Mill

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Now the Chinese  Steel Mill all are facing the problems below:

1. Mineral, water and coal etc are becoming more and more shortage, With the cost rising, their benefits are reducing.

2. The wasted steel slags cause resources wasting.

3. Steel slag occupies large area, also cause deeply environment pollution.

Now our government has put the comprehensive utilization of solid waste as a long term strategy of economic and society development. In the “Tenth five years plan” and “Eleventh five years plan” of the government energy saving and resource comprehensive usage, they all have clearly put forward the goal of industry waste comprehensive usage. In this way, promoting the harmonious developing of economic, resource and environment.

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Under this new situation, steel industry has put forward new demands to equipment and production line.

1. Developing the steel slag production process, saving the resource and developing the secondary resource reasonably.

2. Improving the resource usage rate, turn waste into wealth.

3. Improving the production process and equipment, reducing the dust pollution.



Customers’ benefits

1. Recover the investment costs in 3 years.

2. Reduce the power consumption significantly with scientific process control and optimization.

3. Reduce the project period and time cost with EPC turn key project.

Project features

1. Compared with Ball mill, the vertical roller mill can saving power consumption 20%~30%.

Vertical roller mill take the material bed grinding principle, lower the consumption. And with the increase of raw materials’ moisture, the electric saving will be more obvious.

2. The vertical roller mill’s noise control meets the Industrial enterprises noise discharging standards (GB12348-2008)

During working, the vertical roller mill do not have the noise of steel ball crashing in ball mill, so it is noise is low. Lower 20--25dB to ball mill.

3. Low dust concentration.

Vertical roller mill take the closed system and work in negative pressure. Without the raise dust and keep environment clean. The dust discharge index has reach the Cement industry air pollutant emission standards.

4. Highly material drying ability, the final products’ moisture is 0.5~1.0%.

Vertical roller mill use hot wind to convey the materials. It can control the wind temperature when grinding large moisture materials, and make the products’ moisture meet the requirement.

5. Little wear and lower the metal wastage of each unit

During running, there’s no directly grinding between roller and grinding table, so reduce the wear, lengthen its life and reduce the production cost.

6. Specific surface area of slag powder is 4200~4500cm²/g.

The materials stay short in the mill. It is easy to inspect and control the products’ fineness and chemical component. It can reduce the over grinding and ensure product quality stability.

7. The occupied area of vertical roller mill is only 50% of ball mill, and reduce the investment directly.

As the vertical roller mill process is simple, occupied area is small and can layout outside. It directly reduce the investment.


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