5000t/d Cement Plant of Chongqing Jinjiang Cement Co., Ltd.

Project Party A Chongqing Jinjiang Cement Co., Ltd.
Project Area Tongliang County, Chongqing City, China
Core Equipment Φ4.8*72 m Rotary Kiln
Annual Output 1.5 Millons tons Cement


Chongqing Jinjiang Cement Co., Ltd is a large scale cement enterprise that located in Tongliang. It totally takes 600 million CNY to build the new suspension preheater dry production line, the annual capacity of which is 3,000,000 tons cement. The project is completed in two-stage. One is for 1,000,000 t/y cement plant building and the other is for the 2,000,000 t/y cement production line building.


1. Φ4.6*(10+3.5)m raw material ball mill

The hollow shaft adopts steel castings and the lining can be replaced. The rotary gear is processed with casting hobbing. There is wear-resistant liner in the cylinder and have strong wear resistance. The machine runs stably and has reliable performance.

2. Φ4.8*72m rotary kiln

Through technology innovation, the calcination system of rotary kiln adopts the most advanced hydraulic gear wheel device at home and abroad, and adopts metering plunger pump with high measuring accuracy, high-precision flow speed control valve, contact graphite block sealing device and other domestic advanced technologies. It is easy to operate and its performance is reliable. The thermal regulation being stabilized and the operation rate being improved, compared with equipment with the same specifications, the operation rate increases by 10%, yield by 5%-10%, heat rate reduces by 15%.

3. Φ3.8*7+2.5m coal ball mill

Easy to operate, safe to use, stable and reliable performance; running continually, the production capacity is great.


The project confirms to the Cement Industry Development Policy (the 50th decree, 2006) released by NDRC National Development and Reform Commission), fulfilling the demand of energy conservation and emission reduction and comprehensive utilization of resource. The output is high, the power consumption is lower than industry level, the product quality reaches the standard, and the production efficiency is high. Since the project is set up by Chongqing Jinjiang Cement Co., LTD, the equipment runs stably, with good stability and economic effects.

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