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To effectively improve the added value of blast furnace slag products

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  • Jun 30, 2021  UTC+8
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With the development of the steel industry, the output of blast furnace slag during steel making process increases continuously. The accumulation of a large amount of blast furnace slag not only takes up a lot of land resources but also causes pollution to the surrounding soil and water environment. Therefore, how to use blast furnace slag for secondary resources is an urgent problem. 
It is an effective method for blast furnace slag recycling to grind the blast furnace slag into fine powder through a slag vertical roller mill.
vertical roller mill for slag grinding
The application of blast furnace slag powder:
1. The equivalent amount of cement used in concrete and cement products for various purposes can be replaced by slag powder, which can significantly improve the overall performance of concrete and cement products.
2. It can greatly improve the strength of cement concrete and can prepare ultra-high-strength cement concrete. 
3. It can effectively inhibit the alkali-aggregate reaction of cement concrete, significantly improve the alkali-resistant aggregate reaction performance of cement concrete, and improve the durability of cement concrete.
4. Can effectively improve the seawater erosion resistance of cement concrete, especially suitable for seawater resistance projects.
5. It can significantly reduce the bleeding of cement concrete and improve the workability of concrete.
6. Can significantly improve the compactness of cement concrete and improve the impermeability of cement concrete.
7. Can significantly reduce the heat of hydration of cement concrete, suitable for the configuration of large-volume concrete.
It can be seen that the slag grinding vertical roller mill can effectively utilize secondary resources such as blast furnace slag, reduce the environmental pollution of blast furnace slag, achieve the reduction, harmlessness, and resource treatment of blast furnace slag, and further improve the added value of blast furnace slag. +8615638871509