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Jaw crusher spare parts

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  • Mar 25, 2020  UTC+8
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As a large-scale steel casting company, CHAENG will introduce the structure and function of each part of the jaw crusher.

1) Moving jaw

The moving jaw mainly plays the role of supporting the tooth plate and directly participates in crushing the ore. Therefore, sufficient strength and rigidity are required, and its structure should be strong and durable. Moving jaws are mainly divided into box-shaped moving jaws and non-box-shaped moving jaws.

2) Connecting rod

The connecting rod is subjected to a large tensile force in the crushing work, so ZG270-500 cast steel is used. The connecting rod consists of upper and lower parts. The upper bearing cover is fixed to the lower part of the connecting rod with two large bolts, and a connecting rod bearing of wear-resistant soft alloy is inserted between the two, and is sleeved on the eccentric shaft.

3) Tooth plate

The tooth plate is a component in the crusher that is in direct contact with the ore, so the wear is very high, and it is usually cast with ZGMn13 steel. The cross section of the tooth plate is mainly divided into two types: smooth surface and toothed surface.

4) Adjustment device

The adjustment device is mainly used to adjust the size of the discharge opening of the crusher. The existing jaw crusher adjustment devices mainly include a gasket adjustment device, a hydraulic pressure adjustment device, a reed iron adjustment device, and a liner adjustment device.

5) Frame

The frame is the basis for the installation of jaw crusher components. The frame is mainly divided into two types: the overall frame and the combined frame. Due to the difficulty of manufacture, installation and transportation, the whole frame is not suitable for large jaw crushers. The frame is a large steel casting, and the casting requirements are very strict.
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