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How to solve the problem of spits in coal vertical mill?

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  • Mar 28, 2020  UTC+8
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How to solve the problem of spits in coal vertical mill?

1. Theoretically speaking, if the wind speed of the nozzle ring of the coal vertical mill is sufficient, the mill will not discharge slag, it will only be full, and finally the vibration will stop. However, in actual production, the wind speed of the nozzle ring cannot be increased indefinitely, so slag discharge occurs.

2. As far as the grinding capacity of the mill is concerned, as long as the wear of the rollers and grinding discs is not serious, the clearance is appropriate, and the loading pressure is in place, the grinding capacity is not a problem. For example, a company using Beijing Electric Power's ZGM113G type mill can basically achieve the designed output in the later stage of roller wear.
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3. Regarding coal quality, they grind two kinds of coal, one is Mongolian coal and the other is same coal. Their mill can reach 42 tons when grinding Mongolian coal. There is no slag discharge. When the same coal is milled more than 35 tons, slag discharge occurs. The coal quality has a great impact on the mill output!

4. Then there is the negative pressure at the inlet of the mill. After the waste heat power generation is put into operation, the relationship between the wind used in the kiln and the wind in the coal mill must be balanced. Slagging phenomenon.

5. The coal mill is supposed to reduce the moisture content of coal powder, and it is not recommended to spray water in the mill.

6. Slagging occurs during normal operation. It will be resolved soon after adjustment. If the amount of slagging is large and the rollers are not worn seriously, the loading pressure is sufficient. You must start by increasing the air velocity of the nozzle ring! +8615638871509