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The advantages of chaeng slag grinding mill

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  • May 09, 2018  UTC+8
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The slag vertical mill is based on years of experience in the R&D production of vertical mills. It specializes in granulated blast furnace slag. After a multi unit cooperation professional team devoted to the study, it performed thermodynamic system calculation, equipment selection calculation, and main parameters of vertical mills. The ultra-fine grinding equipment developed and designed by calculation, classifier calculation and research, etc. It is equipped with grinding, drying and grading, and has the characteristics of high grinding efficiency and strong drying capacity. Simplified technology, small footprint, investment, power consumption has been greatly reduced, long life, high operating rate of ultra-fine grinding innovative technology, and access to a number of national technology patents.

1. The system power consumption of the slag vertical mill production line is generally 43kWh/t, with significant energy saving effect

According to many engineering cases of the same power heavy machine ore powder line, the system power consumption of the ore powder production line does not exceed 43 kWh/t, and even some cases have a single-electromechanical consumption of up to 28.5 kWh/t, which has a significant power saving effect and reduces the operating costs of the company.

2. Less unit coal consumption, reduce costs

According to the data from the same power machine, the coal consumption of the 600,000 tons of ore powder production line is 26kg/t, which greatly reduces the consumption of coal and achieves the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction.

3. The quality of the slag vertical mill is stable and reliable. The equipment operation rate is above 95%.

The specific surface area of slag powder is 4200~4500 cm2/g, which conforms to the national S105 mineral powder grade requirement. The 7d activity index can reach 95~99%, and the quality of slag powder is stable and reliable. In addition, the slag vertical mill has superior equipment performance and an operating rate of over 95%, reducing customer downtime losses.

4. The slag vertical mill has a wide range of uses and can grind a variety of materials

The GRMS vertical mill is versatile and has the ability to grind a variety of different materials, enabling the conversion of production across multiple product lines. Grinding cement raw materials, clinker, slag, steel slag, fly ash, coal and anthracite, metal and non-metallic ore and other materials, can achieve multiple purposes.

5. It has the advantages of small noise, low dust concentration, and remarkable environmental protection effect.

The slag vertical mill adopts advanced technology and operates stably. The environmental indicators are in line with the requirements of the "Environmental Noise Emission Standard for Industrial Enterprises at the Plant Boundary" (GB12348-2008) and the "Emission Standard for Air Pollutants of the Cement Industry" (GB4915-2004). .

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