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Chaeng new vertical roller mill for limestone processing

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  • May 16, 2018  UTC+8
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New vertical mill for limestone has been improved through continuous accumulation. The limestone vertical mill has become a landmark in the milling industry. The current limestone mill mill has undergone continuous improvement research and development. The new grading technology perfectly solves the difficulty of grading the milling equipment, making the processing of the materials more refined, the finest can reach 3.55 microns, and at the same time, it has adjustable functions, and the fineness of the milling powder can be arbitrarily adjusted according to the needs of users. Limestone vertical mill grinding machine as the iconic equipment in the milling industry, what are its advantages, first of all: Limestone vertical mill grinding machine feed size larger and faster, with high-strength pressure can easily grind 6.5 Um ultra-fine powder, and energy consumption is extremely low, the lowest one-third of the conventional vertical mill mill equipment, its performance makes compared with ordinary ball mill, limestone mill mill application scope is greater The scope is more extensive.

Limestone vertical mill commonly used processing technology is the first use of special crusher equipment to crush the material, broken to a certain size, in the transport belt to the limestone new vertical mill mill feed warehouse crush it In addition to powdered limestone discharge equipment after grinding, it is usually used as a building material or as an important industrial raw material. Limestone is a valuable resource for a wide range of applications.