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How to Maintain CHAENG rotary kiln?

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  • Oct 10, 2017  UTC+8
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The cement rotary kiln maintenance is to timely detect and solve the sudden failures, eliminate the problems impacting equipment performance and product quality, spending relatively short time and the lowest cost, so as to ensure the normal and safe operation of equipment. In this article, I would like to share you friends some maintenance methods about CHAENG cement rotary kiln.

Adjustment of rotary kiln support roller

The normal operation of the rotary kiln has a great relationship with the support roller adjustment. During the installation of rotary kiln, firstly make the support roller axis parallel to the center line of the kiln body, at this time if put lead wires into the mesh points between tire and support rollers, the lead wires will be pressed in rectangular strip with same width. At the same time, the force acting on each support roller can be known according to the strip width, the support roller bearing larger force should move away from the center line of the kiln in parallel direction, and otherwise move to the direction near the center line of the kiln.

When the rotary kiln rotates, if the kiln body glides down due to weight, the support roller bearing larger force cen be adjusted to a certain extent according to the rotating direction of rotary kiln, so as to product a upword force to balance the sliding force. But it’s better that the adjustment angle of support roller axis line is not more than 30 points, so as to avoid the support roller out of shape quickly. If a support roller group is not enough to the balance sliding force, adjust the other support roller until the kiln body is balanced. During the adjustment of support rollers, make sure that the support rollers don’t decline in different direction. Because that will elliminate the forces between kiln tyre and support rollers, so taht rapidly increase the wear of tyre and support rollers and increase rotate kiln power cost.

In the management of the support rollers, the support roller bearing larger force should be used as a controlling support roller, when the kiln body slides down tyre so that the kiln tyre contacts the lower thrust roller, pour diesel on the controlling support roller to increase the friction between tyre and support roller, then the kiln body upwards; if the kiln body move upwards to touch the upper thrust roller, you can pour engine oil on the controlling support roller to reduce friction between tyre and roller, then the kiln will slide down.

Lubrication and cooling

Attention should be paid to the followings when using lubricating oil:

1) lubricating oil and grease should be used according to regulations. If you use a substitute, you can only use a larger viscosity oil instead of a smaller viscosity.

2) when a new kiln has operated continuously for 100-150 hours, it is necessary to replace all lubricants and grease, and afterwards lubricating oil should be replaced every 6 months.

3) Take measures to find out the oil leakage, the oil is not allowed to leak to the foundation.

4) the support roller surface is cooled by water.

Cautions in operation

1. Each part of the transmission system and the thrust roller must be checked regularly. It should be dealt with promptly when abnormal conditions such as noise, vibration and heat are found.

2. Check the contact and wear between tyre and support roller is uniform, there is no excessive force and facet and pits etc.; check the clearance and wear between tyre and backing pad according to their relative displacement in one round, and the backing pad should have no crack.

3. Check the anchor bolts and the fixed bolts of the transmission plate and the supporting device once each class. If it is loose, it should be tightened in time to check whether the foundation is vibrating or sinking.

4. Check if the kiln head and kiln end are sealed well and worn seriously.

5. Inspect the kiln body for falling bricks and red kilns.