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How to ensure the Grinding equipment Vertical mill production line environmentally production

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  • Oct 12, 2017  UTC+8
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In order to comply with the current low-carbon economic development trend, to allow customers know more understanding of the strength of chaeng(Great Wall), our company in 2011 to invest and build a 600,000 tons/a slag powder production line, the host equipments are GRMS46.41 slag grinding mill and CCLF4 × 11 powder collector made by ourselves. chaeng(Great Wall) with their own investment case to prove the environmental performance of our equipment and investment income.
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The whole slag production line belt conveyor between the operation will be closed to ensure the operation of the dust without spillage; dust collection equipment, dust collector in the discharge port for dust collection, to avoid dust pollution caused by pollution; The inlet and the warehouse are fully enclosed, to avoid the material in the grinder outside the scene of dust pollution .The noise is lower than the national standard; the slag production line cooling water recycling, the life of water into the fecal matter, the noise is lower than the national standard; the main noise source is the equipment noise, Pool, no flow (no discharge)

Late to improve environmental protection
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GRMS46.41 slag vertical mill equipment using lake blue as the main colors, the concept of sustainable development of chaeng(Great Wall); raw material yard closed environmental design, the dust pollution in the greenhouse, reduce the pollution of the environment