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Installation method of rotary kiln large girth gear

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  • Jun 09, 2017  UTC+8
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Rotary kiln large girth gear should be installed correctly on rotary kiln tube body, in order to ensure the normal operation of rotary kiln. Let's talk about something on the large girth gear insallation.

1. The center line of the girth gear must be consistent with the central line of the rotary kiln cylinder.

2. Because of the large size, girth gear is generally separated into two or more pieces which are connected together with bolts.

3. Girth gear is installed near the middle parts of rotary kiln, so that rotary kilns are stressed uniformly.

There are two kinds of connection methods between the girth gear and the rotary kiln, which are tangential connection and axial connection.

1. Tangential connection

Using tangential connection, you can insert a baching plate into the joint part, that will make it convenient to adjust central lines of girth gear and rotary kiln.

Tangential connection has good flexibility, and it can decrease impacts on girth gear. And its disadvantage is that it is not easy to find central lines, perform installations and manufacture gears.

2. Axial connection

Axial connection is to fix girth gear on the elastic steel plate which is parallel to the rotary kiln cylinder body. During installing transmission equipment, the center lines of the girth gear and pinion gears should be kept parallel.

The pinion gear can be mounted directly below the girth gear and can also be mounted under the bevel. When installed directly below, the force between the two gears make the bearing anchor bolt of pinion gear bear a large horizontal thrust. When installed under the bevel, the pinion gear has the power of pushing up the kiln, and reduces the horizontal thrust of the anchor bolt of the pinion gear.