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Chaeng slag grinding plant Technical Parameters

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  • Jun 14, 2017  UTC+8
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As the important equivalent substitutes for cement production line,slag grinding plant can not only significantly improve the overall performance of cement and concrete, but also significantly reduce the production cost. Now it has been widely used in cement plant, grinding station and steel factories as a new kind of high effectively admixtures. For this situation, we may say: "who first invests will first benefits."

Annual Output 0.2 --1.5 million tons
Application Equipment GRMS slag vertical mill
Grinding materials  Blast furnace slag,Steel slag,nickel slag,Manganese slag
Matching equipment Feed belt+Vibrating screen+slag vertical mill+hot blast stove+dust collector+warehouse

CHAENG (Great Wall Machinery) can undertake 20 tons --1.5 million tons of Blast furnace slag/Steel slag/Nickel slag/Manganese slag powder production EPC projects. Up to now, CHAENG has constructed more than 100 slag grinding production lines at home and abroad.

Process Description

The stacked slag is packed and feed by the forklift trucks, then transported by belt conveyor. During transmission, the slag will pass through the iron separator and vibrating screen, then through the weighing equipment and elevator, and finally come into the vertical roller mill.slag will come through the powder selector and be dried with the hot air form air heating furnace after grinding. Slag that meets the fineness requirement will pass through the separator, then delivered by air blower and elevator, and finally come to the storage silo.

Slag Grinding Plant Workflow Diagram


Why choose vertical mill for slag grinding ?

Energy-saving, environment friendly, simple process, high intelligences

Nowadays, the slag vertical roller mills are widely accepted by customers, but some customers may still doubt about the vertical roller mill and ball mill. By doing research in more than 10 factorys of customers , we have summed up these difference between two kinds of mills.
Vertical mill and ball mill process contrast

system scheme ball mill vertical roller mill
system power consumption (kWh/t) 80 38
Ratio of water to dry (%) 10 (Separate drying) 20 (drying in mill)
Adaptability of granularity bad good
The main reasons influencing operation rate To run a certain cycle ball to remove iron slag Roller and plate lining repair after abrasion
large-scale difficulty easy

 Technical Parameters

Equipment selection recommendations:

CHAENG already has more than 100 customers recently, among them, the capacity of 1 million t/a, 600,000 t/a and 300,000 t/a has occupied more than 80%. The sheet below has show the main equipment specs and parameters of these three capacities.

Product Specificationsct GRMS 53.41 GRMS 46.41 GRMS 33.31
Annual production (tons) 1,000,000 600,000 300,000
Designed production (t/h) 150 90 45
Raw materials input amount (t/h) 188 125 65
Actual output (t/h) 160 105 55
Final products fineness (m2/Kg) 500 500 500
Power consumption (KWh/t) 26.5 28.5 30
System power consumption (KWh/t) 35 37 42
Coal consumption (equivaient to standard coal) (kg) 17 18 18
Metal recovery of per ton slag (%) 0.2-0.3 0.2-0.3 0.2-0.3