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Steel slag practical applications in life

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  • Mar 01, 2019  UTC+8
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Steel slag is a solid waste produced by extracting impurities with lime during steelmaking, and the discharge is about 10% to 15% of steel production. The characteristics of the steel slag itself, such as hydraulic hardness and wear resistance, give the steel slag aggregate a characteristic that is not possessed by a series of natural aggregates. However, the current shortage of natural aggregates and the large application amount of cement concrete also determine the steel slag as aggregate. Applications have broad prospects for development.

slag vertical grinding mill

Steel slag resource treatment

The key to the steel slag treatment technology is the deep processing of the tailings and the improvement of the comprehensive utilization rate. The GRMS steel slag vertical mill produced by chaeng has solved the problems of steel slag as industrial waste to some extent. After the steel slag is pre-pulverized, it is baked and dried, magnetically sieved, and ground into a very small steel slag powder for sale. The finished product has high quality and wide application range.

Applications of steel slag powder in life

1. Steel slag powder can be used as cement mixed material. It can save clinker, achieve high quality cement target, improve long-term strength, and has good performance and compatibility with concrete admixture.

2. As a mineral admixture used in concrete, it has better filling effect, active effect and micro-aggregate effect, which can improve the performance of concrete, make concrete more compact, low porosity and good durability.

3. After desulfurization of steel slag, it is used as a fertilizer and saline-alkali modification agent.

4. Steel tail slag is used to prepare high-strength artificial reef concrete, which can protect fish, promote fish proliferation and increase catch.

5, steel slag preparation of micro-expansion cement, ultra-low shrinkage high-strength concrete, is expected to reduce the existing pre-stress loss by more than three times.

6. Steel slag powder can be used as a curing agent, blended with sand, mud, yellow mud or even river mud and beach mud. After concrete compaction and curing, it will become a flat and hard “bluestone board”. road surface.

The steel slag is ground into a powder by steel slag vertical grinding, which realizes the full utilization of the steel slag of the steel plant, in the slag production line without any waste, solves the problem of occupying land and environmental pollution, and brings great social benefits and economy to the enterprise.