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Factors affecting the efficiency of the ball mill

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  • Mar 07, 2019  UTC+8
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The ball mill equipment is mainly used for grinding and the industry that needs to be floured, and it plays a very important role in China's basic industry. It plays an important role in the processing of various industrial raw materials in the production line. In the operation of the ball mill, work efficiency has certain factors.

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1, determine the ball mill model

Ball grinding mills can be divided into many categories according to different purposes. Different types of ball mills have considerable functional differences in structure. When customers choose ball mill equipment, they should consider the company's conditions of use, according to the characteristics of the materials, investment. Select the appropriate ball mill equipment, such as the required fineness of the finished product.

2. Selection of spare parts for supporting equipment

The ball mill is used as a single machine for grinding. The main job is to make the ore from a large grinding process to a small material. This kind of work is most likely to cause the wear of various spare parts. The commonly used ore is the grinding machine after the crushing process. The milling process is followed by a grading and beneficiation process, and the output of the pre-crusher's output is matched, and the subsequent classification of the classifier will play a significant role in the entire production line. For example, if the particle size and the uniformity of the crusher directly affect the quality of the ball mill feed, and the relatively good material enters the ball mill, the time and power consumption required for grinding will be reduced, so that it can be said. It improves the working efficiency of the ball mill.

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3, the maintenance of the ball mill

In the use of large equipment such as ball mills, the liners need to be regularly inspected and replaced due to direct contact with the ore. If not replaced in time, the equipment cylinders may be damaged, and the output may be reduced. Gears, reducer gears, bearing and bearing housing wear and oil circuit inspection are all necessary. Once in the production process, there is a phenomenon of reduced production, abnormal noise, etc., you need to stop immediately to check, find the source of the problem, in a timely manner Repair and replace parts. Therefore, regular maintenance of the ball mill is a critical factor in the stable and efficient operation of the equipment.

4, the correct technical operation process

After the customer purchases the equipment, the manufacturer will conduct online operation instructions and equipment parameters. Customers need to strictly follow the correct operating procedures and parameters to set, do not change the operating parameters of the equipment, and do not extend the length of use of the equipment, these are very undesirable, in the short term does increase the economic benefits for users, but to the equipment Both life and safety have brought great damage and hidden dangers, and have a bad impact on long-term continuous production.