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Chaeng coal vertical mill with high grinding process

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  • Jul 23, 2018  UTC+8
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Advanced coal grinding process

coal mill process
  • High output, low power consumption, high degree of automation, stable and safe operation, and can meet the integrated production in various fields.
  • Low metal wear, small footprint, easy maintenance and cost savings
  • The delivery time is short, Great Wall Machinery has its own foundry, and the coal vertical grinding parts are all self-made, saving production cycle.
  • Advanced system technology, drawing on the German extraordinary roller design (tire roller) to improve utilization
  • Energy saving and emission reduction are obvious. Negative pressure operation, low dust pollution and low noise

Coal vertical grinding mill working principle

vertical coal mill

The raw coal is fed into the vertical mill through the rotary hopper, and moves from the center to the edge as the grinding disc rotates, and is crushed by the grinding roller. After grinding, the pulverized coal is taken up by the hot gas entering from the wind ring at the edge of the grinding disc. The coarse powder is returned to the grinding disc and then ground. The qualified fine powder is collected by the hot air into the bag dust collector and sent to the storage side by the screw conveyor. Lift the machine into the finished product library. The drying heat source comes from the hot air in the field to produce hot air. The hot air enters the mill through the pipeline, and the milled gas is purified and discharged into the chimney by the system fan, and a part of it is circulated into the vertical roller mill through the circulating duct.