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Chaeng Grinding Table of Vertical Roller Mill

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  • Jun 26, 2018  UTC+8
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Weight:20-150 tons

Material:ASTM: A570 / BS: S235JR / JIS: SS400

Application:Vertical Roller Mill


grinding table of vertical mill

The grinding table is one of the key parts of vertical roller mill It includes drag rings, segments (lining plate) and bases The optimization and improvement are made by us on the traditional grinding table casting technology, that the most advanced sodium silicate-bonded sand molding technology, to overcome the deficiencies in structure and make the grinding base bear force equivalently All of these avoid the problem of material’s washout on the not wear-resisting surface

The grinding table consists of housing, liner, pressure block, retention ring, scraper plate, wind ring, wind guide board and so on.The primary function of the grinding table is to support the material bed and transfer the force of the grinding roller to the lower speed reducer. It also transmits the torque of the reducer to the grinding area.The grinding table forms a circular chamber with the wind tunnel, and the wind flows from this circular chamber to the grinding area through the ventilation ring.

CHAENG is able to make all kinds of grinding tables for vertical mill according to the drawings and sizes provided by the customers. Welcome to visit and consult!