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Great Wall "multi-purpose vertical mill " is about to debut Nanjing International Summit

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  • May 26, 2015  UTC+8
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It is reported that the Great Wall Co., Ltd. of Xinxiang will release a Lecture about multi-purpose vertical mill at 2015 Eighth International grinding Summit which Will be held on May 22, then, Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery "multi-purpose vertical mill" will shock debut to promote the energy-saving innovation and low-cost production of the cement grinding system.


Why select vertical mill for cement plant?

Clearly, In today's energy-saving background of cement industry, vertical mill has become the best cement grinding equipment. Vertical mill's application has become a powerful guarantee to reduce energy consumption, efficient production, high-quality production of the cement plant.

Why select "multi-purpose"vertical mill for cement plant?

"multi-purpose" is an effective way to reduce the cost of cement production. Cement plant need grinding the cement clinker, accessories and slag admixture separately, Therefore,many cement plant import several sets of vertical mill grinding production to meet the production needs of a variety of materials.

How is the Application Effect of the “multi-purpose”vertical mill in the cement plant?

According to the China Building Materials News reported, Xinxiang Great Wall, "multi-purpose " vertical mill has been successfully applied in Yuhui 1 million t/a cement line and 0.6million t/a slag powder line, and was tested and running smoothly in December 11.

In Henan Yuhui cement plant, you can see the GRMS46.41 vertical mill was used in the cement production line, can grinding the cement clinker, accessories and slag admixture separately, converte these three materials according to production requirements in 20 minutes.

From the control room data, we know that in this vertical mill, the production capacity of the 95 Mineral composite 32.5 cement, concrete admixtures are 130 t/h, 190 t/h and 225 t/h, especially production performance of the cement clinker is much more better than the other company's production.

Great Wall Machinery "multi-purpose" vertical mill has become a backbone of cement plants for improving grinding efficiency, reduce grinding power consumption and reduce cost of cement production ! May 22, the Nanjing International grinding Summit, a multi-purpose vertical grinding mill-so stay tuned !