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Great Wall Steel Casting:not only selling Joint of framework, but also solutions

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  • May 25, 2015  UTC+8
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In the functional area of Great Wall , a group of workers wearing blue overalls are working intensely in dispatch area, A number of large-scale Joint of framework which delivery to Shandong were shipped on the train, transported to the customer site.

Unlike in the past is the Shandong customers choose to cooperate with the Great Wall Steel Casting, they choose Great Wall Steel Casting not only because of the casting strength, but also because of the turnkey solution, let the customers really experienced a "0 burden "of cooperation.

The unique advantage of the Great Wall steel casting-turnkey solution

It is understood that the Great Wall steel casting’s partner is a construction company, and they are not very clear about the acceptance criteria of the Joint of framework, so they worried about that, and then, with many years of experience in casting and customer experience, and in the shortest time, with most of the thinking Great Wall steel Casting develop a set of technical solutions from the material of cast steel joint, mechanical properties, testing standards, the mouth requirements, paint type and thickness requirements .

After several evaluated, Great Wall steel casting’s turnkey solution is recognized by the customers, and said they would expressed in full accordance with this program. Looking at the market, not difficult to find, From a single product processing into a whole set of solutions services has become the enterprise in the way of the transformation of our competition, and the Great Wall of steel, a flexible strategy, a keen eye, quick adjustment, China foundry industry to carry the banner of the restructuring and development of leaders.


Casting show strength "quality products" to impress clients

This cooperation reached, of course, inseparable whole cast strength and cast steel joint of framework markets Great Wall of visibility. Great Wall of steel launched the "quality products" in 2007 - foundry joint of framework, it appears, not only solves the welded spherical joints increase due to structural span the ball diameter is too great difficulties, and solve the pipe as a result of Joints intersecting Line cutting construction inconvenience cause problems. It has now been widely used in a number of large airports, stadiums and other projects, such as: Zhengzhou Airport, Karamay Stadium, Zhengzhou high-speed rail station. Especially in Asia, the largest sports center manned - Fuzhou Olympic Sports Center on the Great Wall of procurement and use of cast steel joint of framework, but also allow customers to fully recognize the quality of the Great Wall of steel joint of framework.

Not only that, the Great Wall steel casting is good at casting Joint of framework, which uses real-like shape of the overall method, both to avoid the stress concentration, but also to cast a joint of frame work with a beautiful streamlined shape, can ensure a whole cast internal and external quality and safety performance.

In the process of cooperation, Mr Lee said: "The Great Wall is a very specialized steel casting enterprises, and different with other enterprises, very Hard work, and by feeling the workers working atmosphere, this feeling is more intense, the product to such a team, we are assured ...... "the workers feel the working atmosphere, this feeling more is strong, the product to such a team, we are assured ...... "


Reportedly, these cast steel Joint of framework will be delivered to Shandong, then there will be more of the Great Wall of steel service personnel to the scene to carry out the service guide, the Great Wall steel casting official we chat will also bring a more detailed follow-up reports-so stay tuned .