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The cooperation road of Mittal & Great Wall Casting

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  • May 23, 2015  UTC+8
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One is the promising young enterprise located in the middle of China mainland, one is the steel group located at other shore of the ocean. And we get together over seas.

Meet each other

Tagore said, “The longest distance in the world is not life and death, but , I stand in front of you, but you don’t know I love you.”For this situation, it is “the longest distance is not cross the sea and mountains, but, we are suitable for each other, but we don’t know each other.”The first meet of Mittal and Great Wall is like this, fortunately, they have the “match maker”to help them.

In 2008, general manager Sun got an inquiry for the slag pot from internet, then he called 114 and got the telphone number of this company. With later comunicating, Sun knew that this company is one big group’s American office, and they met an serious problem that the slag pots they bought from another Chinese factory have the cracks when shipped to America. However, Great Wall Casting is the company that can solve this problem for them. The later facts also approved their right choice this time: Mittal continued to order slag pots from Great Wall , every order at least 2-3 sets slag pot, average weight of the slag pot is 20-30 tons. The quality ensurance of Great Wall Casting let Mittal take the intiative to leave orders. By this way , Great Wall Casting started to cooperate with the world largest steel group--Mittal.

Know each other

“As the largest steel group in the world, what products we can provide to satisfy their requirements?”This is the problem that Great Wall casting need to think. After discussing, Great Wall Casting decided use“mature processes is the based, guranteed quality is the ensurance, perfect service as the delayed effect” to let Mittal accepted us. So according to the requirements of Mittal Group, Great Wall Casting has optimized a set of slag casting project.

First, before the casting ,every slag pot has to be date simulated by InteCAST, and have the process analysis and quality prediction for products forming process. By this way, the slag pot’s pocessing technology developing.

Second, for the trunnion alloy steel and tanks carbon steel are different to weiding together, the Great Wall Casting has customized a set of completed technique, strictly control this problem during the slag pots’production.

At last, we use the advanced flaw detection equipment to do nondestructive test for every slag pots, to guarantee the quality. The mature technology, high quality and rapid progress make our slag pots passed the inspection of Mittal, and got Mittal’s favour and approval.

Together with each other

From meet to know each other, now Mittal and Great Wall have already become partners. Mittal places orders in Great Wall Casting every year, the slag pots orders has over 100 sets during 2 years. Our cooperation will go on in next new year.

More than that, in foreign countries, Great Wall Casting has built direct cooperation with many famous enterprises in Korea, German and so on. In China, we are also the partner of many big companies. Our slag pots has form such a reputation among customers: the first maintenance time are 2-3 months delay compared with other factories, maximizing the using life of slag pots.