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Russia Exhibition clients visited the Great Wall of steel casting

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  • May 22, 2015  UTC+8
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As a leader in the foundry industry, the Great Wall has always attached great importance to the cast of international strategy, after years of effort, the Great Wall of steel has been successful in many corners of the globe layout.

Recently,Great Wall steel casting plant ushered in a number of Russian customers. The visit aimed at allround, multiangle depth understanding of the Great Wall of steel, and pre understand and negotiate on slag pot production.


Figure: Russian customers and Zhang, director of marketing parameters along the Great Wall of steel

 It is understood that this group of Russian customers and become attached to the Great Wall of steel just near the end of the 19th session of the Russian International Mining Machinery Exhibition. At the show, after a simple exchange, Russian customers to have a preliminary understanding of the Great Wall of steel, many overseas famous enterprises cases of cooperation is to allow Russian customers to the Great Wall of steel filled with desire, decided to go to China Xinxiang have a field trips.

steel casting1.jpg

Russian customers to visit the Great Wall  steel casting machine shop

Into the Great Wall steel casting, clean the plant allow Russian customers to the Great Wall of steel hit a high of brownie points. Then, at the Great Wall of steel Zhang, director of marketing, accompanied by Russian customers visited the foundry, machine shop, the inspection department.

During a tour of the Great Wall of Russian customers for steel casting process and the ability to have a better understanding, especially to see the workshop piling up a large number of large steel slag pot about to be sent to at home and abroad, ring gear, wheel belt when the piece, said excitedly: "In Russia has never seen such a large-sized steel products, steel Great Wall is very good ......." From simple words, we see the Great Wall Russian customers recognized the strength of steel casting.

steel casting2.jpg

Russian customers  visited the Great Wall of steel inspection department

Coincidentally, during the visit, Russian customers encounter the world's largest steel group - Mittal Chinese representatives. After a brief communication, after learning of the Great Wall of steel slag pot Mittal steel plant manufacturers and suppliers, the Russian customers far greater recognition of the Great Wall steel casting.

After the visit, the Great Wall steel Casting with Russian customers good atmosphere symposium held in the conference room. Great Wall steel casting  prepared hot tea and snacks for the Russian customers, so they taste and the rise of the development of Chinese tea culture of Chinese enterprises in the thick of tea.

Prior to departure, Russian customers represent the strength of the Great Wall of steel, technology and services are very satisfied, will visit again in the next month, in-depth exchanges and cooperation signed an agreement on the final slag tank.


struggling to sail, the Great Wall steel casting will continue adhering to the "for customer service, what customers think, worry about customer needs" principle, to the quality of the goal, to serve for the protection, by the strength of the technology, making the new products up to customer demand, the first class service.