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Slag powder line, raise the value of the slag, reduces environmental pollution.

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  • Apr 22, 2015  UTC+8
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In response to the call of the national five-year plan of energy saving, many companies began to adjust the industrial structure, the slag ground into powder, as a new type of building material, a good way to processing slag, is not only change waste into treasure, raise the value of the slag, but also reduces environmental pollution.

Slag powder is widely used in engineering construction, can replace 10 to 40% of cement when configuration of concrete, concrete strength can reach more than C60, also can improve the life of concrete, increase its strength, reduce project cost; not only that, slag powder in the production of cement clinker can replace part of the same amount of usage, a significant reduction in production costs, reduce the free calcium, improve stability and performance of the passing rate of cement, slag powder mixed with cement, and to improve the overall performance of cement,and sales  the same price like cement; therefore, slag powder has broad market prospects.


Talk about slag powder process, probably a lot of people have question: what is the process of slag powder line?

1.Material System

Slag is transported via train to the slag heap, after the preliminary dehydration, sent into silos, and then transported via conveyor to the drying room feeder.

2.drying system

Slag in Drying room silo feed into the dryer for drying by vibration feeder, drying heat needed by the dryer before the supply of coal-fired stove, slag after drying sent into a steel cage by crew conveyor, bucket hoist, and then sent into the mill by belt conveyor after removal of iron.

3.Grinding System

Slag sent into vertical mill after drying , then the slag powder was selected by separator filter, and returned to the mill slag powder by the screw conveyor to continue grinding mill, and the mill to form a closed loop qualified slag powder has a screw conveyor to the finished product warehouse.

4.Finished system

Slag powder production line last have a finished product warehouse, finished the slag powder is transported through the screw conveyor over, you can have the package delivered to require manufacturers of.

Last August, Shanghai Baosteel and Xinxiang Great Wall machinery co., LTD signed an annual 1.5 million tons of slag slag powder turnkey contract, at present, the project is running smoothly; Great Wall company has its own annual output of 600,000 tons of slag powder demonstration training base, and use the vertical mill equipment is the Great Wall Machinery Company research team independently developed, whether it is quality or delivery, efficiency, etc., have a safe and reliable protection.