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The Best Slag grinding station Supplier in China

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  • Apr 21, 2015  UTC+8
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With people’s knowing about the slag performance and economic value, now many cement and concrete enterprises start to produce and use slag. The activity slag used in cement production can replace large amount clinker, used in concrete can replace large amount cement and improve the concrete performance. It can lower the production cost and save energy.

With the developing of slag market, a lot of slag grinding production line suppliers came out. Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery is one of the best supplier among them. During two years, we have cooperated with more than 60 enterprises like Shanghai Bao Steel、Aoshen Steel、Henan Meng Electric Cement、Chunjiang cement etc.

How the Great Wall Machinery slag grinding station win the appreciation from customers?

Great Wall Machinery understand customers’ requirement, put out the EPC production line service. We provide full instruction and equipment production service from the early project plan to the finally production, including the raw materials test, projects application documents, project design and solve program, installation and turnkey test etc. Great Wall Machinery pursues the faithful, easy and good service. And in nearly two years, win more than 50 customers.

After the long time market test, now, Great Wall Machinery has win many loyal customers. Many old customers’ new slag production project, still chose us.

Shanghai Bao Steel has cooperate with Great Wall Machinery for the Wuhan cement ball mill project in 2011 and Ningbo 150t/a slag powder production line project in 2013. Last year, they thirdly choose Great Wall Machinery as their partner of their slag-tech improving project, and build long time cooperation with us.

Xuchang Tengxin’s second 30t/a nickle slag production line still choose Great Wall Machinery. They sent a silk banner to us and quite satisfied with our project time limit, service and product quality.

Xinxin Cement’s third 60t/a slag grinding station still choose Great Wall Machinery as their supplier.

Untill 2014, the slag production line built by Great Wall Machinery has produced more than 11,850,000t slag powder. We can proudly say that, now the Great Wall Machinery is the first rate supplier of Chinese grinding industry.