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Improve the capacity of cement grinding machine and finished products fineness

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  • Apr 10, 2015  UTC+8
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It is an eternal topic about How to improve the cement mill output and fineness, In the grinding process,the cement mill high efficiency and low power operation has been the target of building materials,cement production enterprise.Over the past decade,both inland and abroad do a large number of applied research for cement mill about how to improve the yield and fineness issues , ball mill, vertical mill, roller press and other new grinding equipment, prompting the process greatly accelerated.At present, from the point of China's national conditions, the main cement production line are mainly still small and medium-sized, cement grinding equipment leaded by simple structure, convenient operation cement mill , and it is not realistic in a short time to get fundamental change .Therefore, improving the efficiency of cement grinding mill,most significantly to achieve high fine, high-yield and low-power operation, has very important practical significance.

The Great Wall machinery co.,LTD specialized in the production of cement mill,relying on advanced technology and excellent quality, won the trust of many customers. Many customers said that good quality, outstanding service is the main reason for selecting Great Wall machinery.With the implementation of the new standard for cement, cement grinding contradictions become more prominent.The new standard for rotary kiln cement factory is very important for how to improve the cement strength grade .Great Wall mechanical vertical kiln cement plant considered added fine crusher before mill, improved grinding system , setting efficient classifier these three aspects, to overcome the technical problems.


1.Set the crushing machine before cement mill can improve the fineness of grinding material.

Cement mill capacity and Feed size of the mill has a great relationship, according to the statistics show that reduce the particle size of materials into the mill, cement mill can greatly improve capacity . adding cement mill before crushing machine,can control material below 3 mm,but the transformation of large investment costs of this program, this part of the investment, including equipment investment, such as the transformation of the system processes. However, this program is very effective,such as with the adjustment of cement mill, the mill's production can increase by more than 50%.

2. Improve the grinding system,and improve the grinding efficiency.

Great Wall machinery cement mill with strong continuous operation ability , it has won the national utility model patents .the production of cement’s specific surface area is 3300-3800 cm²/g,compared with the peer products, with high product fineness, large specific surface area,the hydration reaction is fast, fast strength development advantage.Great Wall machinery cement mill not only guaranteed quality , but also truly high-yield, high-thin, low-power objective . It is high quality cement quality equipment ..

3. Set plus efficient classifier.

With the efficient classifier’s join,the most intuitive effect is to increase the efficiency of the election powder.enhance the efficiency of choose powder, the most direct benefit is the finished product fine powder have been elected in a timely manner, maximum reduce cement products back to powder ratio, reduce the load of cement mill, increase the output of cement mill and the fineness degree of the final product.


Great Wall machinery that the relationship of the three can use this word to show: grinding finely is the premise, choose powder is to ensure that after grinding, grinding inside reform is fundamental.Great Wall machinery of the above three methods,any of which can significantly improve the yield and fineness of cement mill. Of course, if it is allowed, the above three methods can be used, the effect is the most obvious,it is also the trend of the grinding system design both in china and abroad in recent years.