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2.6x13 m cement mill to increase production pathway

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  • Apr 10, 2015  UTC+8
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In the cement production proces,cement mill is one of the key equipment of cement,cement mill consumption accounts for about 60% -70% of overall power consumption of cement.Raw mill quality decisions and influence the technical parameters of cement rotary kiln,but if cement mill configuration is more reasonable,they can make up for some defects of cement clinker.Therefore,improve the output of cement mill,to realize high quality, high yield, low consumption of cement enterprises has very important practical significance.So, 2.6x13 m cement mill how to achieve high-yield it?The way to achieve high yield and quality and what it?

1. Reduce the grinding particle size

Cement companies use cement mill + roller mill grinding can be dropped into the mill size 2mm below, production increased by more than 50%.


2. Optimize the cement grinding process

The open system to the closed system, the addition of efficient rotor separator and bag filter,thus increasing the cement surface area,increasing the strength of the cement with good results.

3. Control the grinding material moisture and temperature

To integrate into the grinding material moisture control at 1.5%, is the basic premise of high quality and high yield of cement mill.Therefore,cement enterprise need water to mixing materials and material production process strictly control the water drying, grinding into the material temperature control process requirement within the scope of guarantee good operation of the cement mill.

4. Control the grinding material easy to grind

If you want to improve cement grinding production, you need to optimize the structure of cement raw materials, improve the material was grinding grindability.

5. Ensure the ventilation flow in the mill

In daily production, cement enterprises should fully realize the importance of the mill ventilation , at the same time, sealed to prevent air leakage to do the work. In addition, you can use powerful ventilation and bag filters and other measures to ensure the smooth ventilation inside the mill.

6. Adjust the grinding body in grading

According to the actual production needs in equipment configuration allows, appropriate to add the ball, loading capacity,to improve the mill output is very helpful.In addition, because the cement grinding mill work environment is harsh, often in direct contact with all kinds of cement raw materials,the wear is quite serious, therefore, should pay attention to the breakage of the grinding bodies.

7. Control the fineness of finished product

As we all know, the control index of cement fineness has a great influence on the cement performance. Cement enterprises can through the sieve analysis method to control the cement fineness, 0.08 mm sieve allowance to control in 1.8% 2.8% more appropriate.

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