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Function of Separator

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  • Apr 09, 2015  UTC+8
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With the increasing of mill specification and energy saving, high output, high quality requirements, the closed-circuit grinding becomes an inevitable trend of cement grinding process. The necessary equipment of closed-circuit grinding is the powder selecting machine. The function of Powder selecting machine is to choose standard particles among the discharging material. Powder selecting machine does not produce fine powder itself, but due to select the fine materials, it avoids the occurrence of the mill material cohesion, adhesion grinding body and stick position. And it can reduce over-grinding materials. Thus it can timely and conveniently adjust cement production varieties, increase high fineness of cement, and improve the grinding efficiency.

During the grinding process, closed-circuit grinding system of pre-grinding equipment, the grinding head enters into the mill material, crushed in the first warehouse. The ball from the gap quickly goes out the first warehouse and enters into the second chamber through partition board. The main function of grinding body is grinding. And crushing effect is very small. Under the lead of cylinder drive, the motion state of small grinding mill is twitching motility, rolling and sliding. Grinding mill grinds and peels of the material particles in the fall and twitching motility process. If the ground material cannot be discharged to the circulatory system, the longer residence time in the mill, the more it will gather. The grinding body will over grinding the material. Therefore, to improve the selection ability of the powder selecting machine can improve the mill grinding effect. Separator is an important part of grinding system. The operating parameter separator relates to the production of the entire unit. The higher separation efficiency, the more refined material will get, and the higher production will be. In the closed-circuit system, the main role of cement grinding is the relatively coarse level of particles.

The main function of separator can be summarized as: "decentralized", "classification", “collection." Dispersion means materials that enter the separator should throw off as much as possible. There should be a certain spatial distance between the material particles. Therefore, sprinkle trays structure, speed, spreading the material space, material moisture and material flows speed has a direct impact on the fabric and dispersion effects. Grading refers to the dispersed material in the separator chamber has some limited residence time. Various forms of flow sorting function take full advantage of the stream of coarse and separate the fine particles as much as possible, and then fed to respective outlets. The ability to capture the coarse powder is connected with the form of methods and structures of collection member. Therefore, the gas flow, air velocity, air way intersection and gas-solid flow field distribution and the number of selected powder room have a great influence on the classification efficiency.