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casting steel slag pot

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  • May 22, 2015  UTC+8
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Industrial cast steel slag pot is widely used in metallurgy and casting industry. It is a kind of container that takes up steel slag.

Slag pot can be divided into three parts slag body, trunnion and turning mechanism.

Generally speaking slag body is made from casted steel, trunnion and turning mechanism are which made from forged steel. We could also produce slag pots by whole casting according to customer request.

After our engineer team and production people’s long-time effects,our quality is stable & excellent and has win good reputations in China and overseas market like Japan,Russian,the USA,Mexico,etc…




Product Details for industrial cast steel slag pot

  • Volumn: 3~45 cubic meter

  • Net Weight: 10~85 ton

  • Application: steel plant, foundry plant

  • Material:carbon steel & low alloy steel

  • Inspection: MT for trunnion area and UT for whole part.

  • Cooperate with big steel group like SMS, POSCO, JFE, etc…



 Cast Steels with differing chemical compositions but defined mechanical properties play a dominant role in the manufacture of slag pots. Standard specifications of Cast Steel for slag pots may be found here:





United Kingdom

BS 3100:1991






DIN 17182



JIS G7821:2000



ISO 3755:1991

Mechanical properties for industrial cast steel slag pot are given below:



Europe (MPA)

Tensile strength



 Yield strength






 Reduction of area







 Filled volume

 Round Slagpot

 4.440 x 3.700 x 3.050



 Round Slagpot

 5.100 x 3.260 x 3.500



 Round Slagpot

 5.350 x 4.150 x 3.250 



 Round Slagpot

 5.200 x 4.040 x 3.050



 Round Slagpot

 4.660 x 3.600 x 3.200



 Oval Slagpot

 4.700 x 3.890/5.180 x 3.120



 Oval Slagpot

 4.065 x 3.430/4.450 x 3.050



 Round Slagpot

 5.250 x 4.400 x 3.000



  Oval Slagpot




Round Slagpot




 Oval Slagpot




  Round Slagpot




Oval Slagpot




  Oval Slagpot




 Petals rim Slagpot




 Oval Slagpot




Production Process  of industrial cast steel slag pot

 Slag Pot process

Why Choose Us ?


  • Before production we do strict process analysis and quality valuation with Huazhu brand CAE software.

  • Use material with good plasticity and high melting point. Add some alloy elements to improve strength and to prevent crack.

  • Modern technology is available to make pots with “cast in forged trunnions” and also with “interference fit forged trunnions (by cryogenic process)”, to provide the strongest trunnions for a safe operation.

  • Do 360°nondestructive inspection for inner wall, trunnion and turning mechanism.

  • Our industrial cast steel slag pot are very smooth inside. No worry to hang slag for use.

  • Great Wall Steel Casting  offers also its expertise on technical advices to customers on the best operational procedures and on the best repair methods to achieve the maximum life of pots.