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The functions of the vertical roller mill separator

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  • Aug 16, 2021  UTC+8
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If large-scale grinding mills want to control the fineness of the finished product, the powder separator is a very critical component. The separator of the vertical roller mill is mainly composed of shell, cage rotor, wind guide blade, transmission device, and other components. The existence of this device not only affects the quality of the finished product, but also can greatly increase the output of the mill system.
separator of vertical cement mill
The classifier can be summarized as "dispersion", "classification" and "collection" three steps. "Dispersion" means that the material entering the classifier should be thrown away as much as possible, and a certain spatial distance should be formed between the material particles. Therefore, the structure of the material distribution plate, the speed of the material distribution, the size of the material distribution space, the moisture content of the material, and the material flow rate all directly affect the dispersion rate of the material. "Classification" means that after the materials are dispersed, in the limited time of staying in the powder separation room, the various forms of separation functions of the airflow should be fully utilized to separate the coarse and fine particles of the materials as much as possible and send them to their respective outlets. "Collection" is the ability to capture coarse and fine powder, which is related to the collection method and the structure of the collection part. Therefore, the gas flow rate, gas flow velocity, gas flow method, gas-solid intersection and flow field distribution, and the number and structure of the powder selection chamber have a great influence on the classification efficiency.
The function of the separator is to separate the fine powder from the vertical mill to a certain particle size to get qualified products, and the unqualified coarse powder is returned to the mill for re-grinding while preventing the fine powder from attaching to the grinding body in the mill. It causes a buffering effect, improves the grinding efficiency of the vertical mill, adjusts the particle composition, and prevents the unevenness of the fine powder, so the powder classifier can ensure the quality of the grinding.
After the vertical roller mill separator has been running for a period of time, check the wear of the air guide blades, whether the blade fixing bolts are loose, etc., and deal with them in time. This will not only extend the service life of the separator, but also increase the quality of finished products.