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What are the repair methods for the large girth gear?

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  • Nov 01, 2019  UTC+8
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At present, the rotary kiln has been used in many industries, and the important part of the rotary kiln is a large girth gear which is screwed together by two half gears and then tangentially fixed to the device by a spring plate. After a long period of operation, the wear of the large girth gear will be more serious, it needs to be replaced or repaired during the repair, and in order to save the corresponding cost, it will be used after turning over.

When replacing, it is necessary to replace the barrel section and the spring plate, and then re-rive. Normally, the barrel and spring plate are intact and do not need to be replaced. The process of the large ring gear operation of the rotary kiln generally consists of four points:

girth gear

1. Cut the spring plate and the connected ear plate between the large ring gears, and then remove the ring gear.

2. To clean up and correct the large girth gear.

3. Lift and install the large girth gear after the front and back.

4, can be installed on the pin, and then welded spring plate and new ear plate.

The large girth gear processing factory can repair the ring gear without changing the large girth gear barrel section and the spring plate, and then cut the spring plate and the ear plate connected by the large ring gear, the cylinder body and The original spring plate remains stationary, the ring gear can be removed, and then the new ear plate and the pin are replaced. After the large ring gear is corrected, the newly replaced ear plate and the original spring plate are welded and stabilized. This method can save Some procedures and certain repair time. +8615638871509