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Analysis of noise and vibration during the operation of the ball mill

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  • Sep 19, 2019  UTC+8
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The ball mill is the machine which are used for crushing materials after first crushing materials, and chaeng is also a professional manufacturer of ball mill accessories, such as ball mill big ring gear, ball mill hollow shaft, ball mill end cover, etc., which are used in various industrial fields by customers. Most of the ball mills are widely used in the production industries such as cement and building materials, especially various ores or other materials that can be processed for dry or wet grinding. After using it for a long time, why is there some noise or vibration?
ball mill grith gear

When the ball mill is in operation, a regular tapping sound appears and the sound is loud. This is the reason why some of the bolts of the lining plate are not tightened. When the ball mill rotates, the lining plate will hit the cylinder. At this time, the loose bolts can be found according to the sound for fastening.

Sometimes the speed reducer of the ball mill will cause a lot of vibration when it drives the ball mill, it is mainly because the axis of the balance shaft of the ball mill and the reducer is not kept in a straight line. The reason is that when the lining plate is installed, there is no secondary grouting, or the bolt is not tightened after grouting. When the hoist is used to rotate the cylinder, one end of the cylinder has been displaced, and the shaft is not in a straight line, then the reducer The vibration will occur after the mill is driven.

Regular maintenance of the ball mill to ensure that the mill is operating normally. In addition to regular maintenance, detailed inspections of important components such as hollow shafts, main bearings, and large ring gears of ball mills are required to be replaced in time.