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Good quality! Chaeng slag pot/slag tank speak with strength

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  • Mar 13, 2019  UTC+8
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As the fist product of Great Wall Cast Steel, slag tanks/slag pots not only have a certain reputation in China, but also many machinery manufacturers in foreign countries use the slag pots of Great Wall cast steel. These can also be learned from the previous customer cases of Great Wall Cast Steel. The famous Mittal Group has been purchasing slag pots from Great Wall Cast Steel every year since 2008, and the order quantity of slag tanks has exceeded 100 pieces per year for many years. So far, Xinxiang City Great Wall Cast Steel Company is still Mittal. Steel Group's long-term strategic partner. Xinxiang Great Wall Cast Steel can be trusted by Mittal Steel Group. From this, it can be seen that the strength of the slag irrigation production of Great Wall Cast Steel is extremely strong.

slag pot/slag tank

This is an overseas case of Great Wall Cast Steel. There are also many domestic cases. It is not listed here. You can also go to the special page to view, build the brand and build the strength.

The performance of Great Wall Cast Steel for many years is proof for itself. Whether it is domestic or foreign, it has its own long-term cooperation partner. Great Wall Casting Steel has innovated in the production of slag pots, adopting the most advanced cast steel technology in the world. And the software system, the casting slag tank construction period is about 30 days, the average number of uses is 6,000 times, the service life is much higher than the market, and the integrated casting is strong.