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Chemical composition of slag tank/slag pot material, control of smelting and trunnion

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  • Mar 05, 2019  UTC+8
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Material chemical composition and smelting control:

When casting the slag pot, the materials used are different. Some of the elements are also large in the calibration range. However, our data is used for statistical analysis. The solidification shrinkage, crack generation and longevity of each element are all for the slag tank. It has a certain influence. Therefore, when casting large cast steel slag pots, the composition control is within the following principles:

slag tank

1. The fluctuation of carbon content fluctuation is to be within 0.50 percent;

2. The content of manganese should be controlled at the upper limit of the range;

3. The control of harmful elements of sulfur and phosphorus needs to be at the lower limit of the range;

4. The alloying elements are controlled in the middle of the entire range;

On the basis of the current electric arc furnace smelting, the steel ladle should be modified accordingly, and then the molten steel is argon-refined, so that the purpose of purifying the molten steel can be achieved.

slag pot process

Trunnion control:

The slag pot trunnion is also a key control part. When casting a large cast steel slag pot, the connection between the tank and the trunnion can be carried out by the following two methods.

1. The slag tank with the trunnion and the can body cold-inlaid, the hole of the trunnion of the can body can be controlled by the way of filling the steel with steel pipe instead of the core.

2, the trunnion and the can body can be connected by hot inlay casting to the slag pot, which is a design-specific positioning method.