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Great Wall Cast Steel---above 5 ton large bearing pedestal manufacturer

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  • Aug 06, 2018  UTC+8
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The bearing seat exists as a bearing companion. It is mainly used to support the bearing and fix the outer ring of the bearing. Only the inner ring rotates, the outer ring remains stationary, and the direction of the transmission is always consistent and balanced. The bearings used in large-scale mechanical equipment are generally large, the bearing housing is relatively large, the general weight is more than 3, 4 tons, belonging to large steel castings, the general procurement cost is high, the casting cycle is long, generally in the purchase of bearings Durability is a very important criterion.
large bearing pedestal

Advantage of Great Wall Cast Steel

1, the material is good, high wear resistance

The use of high-quality cast steel raw materials, effectively guarantee the quality of the finished product, after the practice test, the bearing housing produced by it can be stable and effective in the long-term, high-load operation, and the loss is small.

2, 360 degree non-destructive testing system to ensure product quality

Magnetic powder carbon steel, ultrasonic flaw detection, strictly comply with the national standard 2 level flaw detection standard, implement 360° non-destructive testing system, and at the same time can meet international testing standards, and finally ensure the quality of steel castings is reliable, long-term use, and is praised by customers as “cost-effective casting”. Steel manufacturer."

3, the structure is reasonable, which is conducive to long-term stable operation

Optimized bearing casting process, special heat treatment process to ensure the service life of the bearing, safe and reliable operation.

4, the monitoring equipment is perfect, real-time control of the operating status

The lower seat of the bearing is equipped with an oil level observation oil mark. The operator can see the oil level at any time, and can replenish the oil amount in time to prevent poor lubrication due to lack of oil and avoid bearing damage accidents.