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How much of 300 t/d slag production line?

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  • Mar 09, 2018  UTC+8
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1. All kinds of slag powders production equipment which is best?

A. Ore slag vertical mill is Chaeng senior experts effort to develop a new type of energy-saving vertical mill at home and abroad, the vertical roller mill with large diameter, low rolling resistance, so the output characteristics is very good, low power consumption, while optimizing the use of the grinding process, ensuring evenness of pulverized coal, the composite separator greatly improving the powder efficiency, the vertical mill is a product of modern development, representing the current international and domestic most advanced powder grinding technology.

slag grinding plant

B. Ball mill of Chaeng has been on the market more than 50 years, since the ball mill technology is mature, customer awareness is high, it become the most user equipment, ball mill mainly composed with by the feeding device, main bearings, turning part, transmission, and sold equipment , high-voltage starting device and lubrication system. raw material feed from the feed device is loaded into the ball mill, hot air from the inlet pipe into the ball mill, with the rotation of the ball mill shell, all kinds of ore material is crushed in the ball mill and grinding.

C. Similar rod mill and ball mill working principle, but different grinding media ball mill using steel balls, rod mill using steel forging, therefore, the length of the rod mill does not exceed six meters. Usually rod mill for grinding particle size 0.4-5.7mm, therefore, at the customer requirements for grinding material is not the case, you can use lower-cost rod mill.

2.How much capaticy for the vagarious slag powder production equipment ?

Chaeng vertical mill according to different production capacity, it mainly divided into 300 tons per day slag grinding equipment , 400 tons per day of slag production equipment, 500 tons per day ore production equipment ......1000 tons per day ore production equipment.

3. how much all kinds of a complete ore production equipment ?

Due to different specifications, ore vertical mill prices vary in different production capacity, please consult the ore vertical mill how much money Chaeng consult online customer service! Chaeng adhere to the "customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit of" business philosophy, adhering to the "three heart "service aims to provide customers with pre-sale, sale, sale and one-stop total service solutions.