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How to control the ventilation of slag vertical mill

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  • Jan 11, 2018  UTC+8
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slag vertical mill

slag vertical mill mainly rely on airflow to drive the material cycle. Ventilation is to ensure that the mill into the balance of the key. The law is: when the air volume is too large, the material on the disc is too much to be brought out, so that the mill material layer at the lower limit, the disc pressure decreases, the main motor current decreases, the vibration value increases; Fine finished products can not be brought out in time, so that the disc pressure increases, the main motor current increases, mill material thickening, powder significantly increased, the mill may be due to the lack of necessary "cushion" caused by vibration, resulting Moment stop. In daily production, the operating staff should judge the operation status of the fan and its valve according to the change of normal parameters. Judge whether the fan valve is in an open state according to the change of air volume and keep the slag production status of the mill at any time to ensure the stability of the slag vertical mill run.