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Vertical roller mill has entered a new era of grinding equipment

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  • Jan 10, 2018  UTC+8
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With the new dry process cement production technology matures, in recent years, China's cement grinding technology and equipment has made great strides. Ball mill, vertical roller mill, roller grinding machine and other grinding systems, continuous research and development, upgrade, the device has been replaced generations. However, due to the power consumption of grinding equipment in grinding can account for 65% to 75% of the comprehensive power consumption of cement production, coupled with the state increasingly stringent energy saving requirements, grinding system will be the implementation of cement production line Energy saving an important part. For cement companies, the energy savings potential of the milled grinding system has become the key.

Among the major systems of the grinding system, the energy-saving effect of the vertical grinding system has drawn much attention and recognition.
As a new type of high efficient and energy-saving grinding equipment, cement vertical mill is the mainstream equipment in the future cement production and will surely get more development and popularization and application. In this view, Gao Changming, senior consultant of China Cement Net, agrees with his article in "Review of Application History of Vertical Mill in Cement Industry in China," he said. In terms of cement grinding, energy saving of vertical mill, cement production capacity, total system equipment weight , System installed capacity, unit installed capacity and other aspects of the combined advantages of its destined to replace the traditional ball mill objective law of development.
Although cement mill has been a lot of positive, but in fact the cement industry at this stage of the utilization rate is still small. Raw materials and slag mill in 2010 in our selection has reached more than 80%, becoming the preferred mill type. However, the selection of cement vertical mill is still low, only 8%, 70% larger than the international community. Compared to the past, cement vertical mill get more recognition in the market.
Many cement companies lack of understanding of the vertical mill, that the so-called vertical mill cement than the performance of "poor", developed countries after the study found that, in fact, the essence of this issue is due to vertical mill cement, cement enterprises There is a need for a process of coordination and adaptation between the commodity concrete enterprises and the construction enterprises. This is a new problem that arises in the progress of science and technology and can be properly settled or endorsed. According to the relevant foreign research experiments and a large number of production practice results show that for each concrete vertical mill, the cement and the market for its production of the run-in period of coordination, usually about 3 months, up to not Will be more than six months, so it is actually a problem that has already happened and already solved in foreign countries. The cement industry in China can not negate this issue because of this misconception cement vertical mill.
In fact, the vertical mill as an important cement production line equipment, from the beginning only raw material, the development of the cement as the final grinding equipment, itself in mechanical design, material selection, design process, etc. through a series of Innovation, improvement, optimization and improvement come. Moreover, some experts in the industry have done a series of experiments and practices on their performance, which proves that compared with ball milling, energy-saving is stronger and the unit power consumption can be optimized to be only 25 kWh / t. Therefore, the vertical mill cement in the case of stable performance, its promotion to promote energy-saving grinding system is helpful.
However, despite the vertical mill energy saving effect is obvious, the technology also continues to improve and progress, vertical mill in the next period of time will be more and more to replace the traditional ball mill, Gao Changming that at this stage of our country's cement industry has a larger market opposite mill Demand, and this demand is expected to continue for more than 10 years. However, he also stressed that scientific and technological innovation and development, the survival of the fittest is impossible to stop ahead of schedule, other grinding equipment technology is also constantly strive for innovation and progress, especially in raw meal grinding, grinding machine grinding system has been shown excellent At the beginning of the vigorous growth, Gao Changming believes that the industry should welcome this innovative and competitive trend.