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What are three grinding mill and a rotary kiln equipment in cement plant

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  • Jul 05, 2017  UTC+8
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A complete production line for cement production lines

 cement production lines

crushing and storage——Dosing——Limestone‘s crushing and storage——Dusting collecting system——Raw meal homogenizing——Raw mill grinding (Raw mill)——(Coal homogenizing——Coal mill grinding)——Preheating and precalcining system——Rotary kiln calcined (rotary kiln)——Cooler——Clinker storage——Cement Grinding (cement mil)——Additive material crushing——Cement storage——Transportation in bag——Transportation in bulk

Three grinding and a rotary kiln equipment

Raw material vertical mill: limestone, clay raw materials and a small amount of correction materials by crushing after a certain proportion with the grinding.

raw material vertical mill

Rotary kiln calcination: the raw material in the cement industry kiln calcined to some of the melting, after cooling to calcium silicate as the main component of the clinker process.

rotary kiln

Cement clinker vertical mill: the clinker added gypsum, other mixed materials together with the vertical mill equipment into a cement product.

cement vertical mill

Coal vertical mill: to provide the required heat for the calcination of the rotary kiln, providing a strong guarantee for the production of cement clinker.

coal vertical mill