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The fuel material blast furnace gas and bio-fuels for slag production line

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  • Jul 04, 2017  UTC+8
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Blast furnace gas for slag production line


Blast furnace gas is from the top of blast furnace, blast furnace is a by-product produced by steel casting. About 60% blast furnace fuel heat will transferred to blast furnace gas. On the one hand, CO2 content in blast furnace gas is generally high 25% - 30%, toxic, if emissions to the air could cause environmental pollution. On the other hand, blast furnace gas containing combustible carbon monoxide gas, which is a low calorific value gas fuel, and it can be used for enterprise self use gas. The blast furnace gas recycling can realize double benefit to economy and environment.

CHAENG can build output slag production line in the hot blast furnace iron and steel plant in the process of emission of blast furnace gas. Blast furnace gas with high toxicity and low calorific value, most cases are discharged into the air, therefore, during this line, we adopted the blast furnace gas on the minimize re-use which is benefit to surrounding environment.

Bio-fuels for slag production line

Bio-fuels is biomass fuels, which is made from agricultural and forestry wastes such as stem crops, peanut shells, bark and sawdust as raw materials, and then through crushed, mixed, extruded and dried. Block, granular, etc. will directly burning of new type clean fuel.