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Lack of Knowledge about Cement Vertical Mill

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  • May 14, 2015  UTC+8
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What are the reasons for slow development of cement vertical roller mill in China?

With technology development of vertical roller mill, more and more foreign suppliers prefer cement mill to traditional ball mill, but in China, cement mill has not become very popular, so what are the reasons for that?


1.Choice Habits

In China, ball mill and roller press grinding is regarded as tradition, and has a history of over 100 years, especially the low cost of ball mill, good cement sphericity product win good popularity from many cement plants. With the development, although the ball mill’s very harmful to the environment during operation, due to lack of funds, time and energy-consumption, most enterprises still use ball mill as the main grinding equipment.

2.“Bad product shape, huge water consumption" Mislead People 

Some cement factories are misled by speech of "Bad product shape, huge water consumption for cement vertical roller mill", and have no comprehensive understanding. In fact, experts point out that some professional manufacturers can adjust the design of grinding roller and grinding table in order to adjust finished product shape and solve the problem of too narrow particle shape distribution, so as to improve workability of cement vertical mill.


As shown in the drawing  

From experimental data of "Water Consumption of Different Flow Charts of Cement Standard Consistency" by Southwest University of Science and Technology, we can see that the highest consumption of water is  Closed-circuit United Grinding system, not the Vertical Roller Mill.