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CHAENG rotary kiln girth gear received good remarks

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  • Aug 30, 2021  UTC+8
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In view of the working environment of the girth gear, CHAENG applies a number of technological innovations to ensure the processing accuracy of the girth gear, which can match the equipment well. The girth gear is the main product of Great Wall Cast Steel, which has been widely praised by many customers at home and abroad.
A German customer highly praised the 6.3m large gear ring manufactured by CHAENG: "The quality of the girth gear manufactured by CHAENG for us is very good, which not only saves the production cost for our company but also matches the existing equipment well."
A customer from Qingdao, Shandong, China commented on CHAENG 6m girth gear: "After being equipped with the CHAENG girth gear, our old rotary kiln operates well as it’s new. It is correct to choose CHAENG!"
"Match the existing equipment well" and "equipment operating as before" is the customer's requirements for CHAENG, and it is also the promise of CHAENG to customers. The concept of "Elaborate Design and Elaborate Casting" runs through the design, molding, pouring, heat treatment, and machining, so as to ensure that each girth gear can be efficiently and durable with equipment to meet customer needs. +8615638871509