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CHAENG keeps improving the production technology of girth gear

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  • Aug 23, 2021  UTC+8
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While summing up its own casting process experience, Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery (CHAENG) also continuously improves process technology. The large-scale ball mill girth gear, supporting roller, slag pot, and movable jaw produced by it have attracted overseas customers to visit the company. After on-site inspections, they believe that the steel castings produced by CHAENG have good quality and long service life, which can well meet their design requirements.
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In order to solve the situation of high pollution and high energy consumption, CHAENG adopts intermediate frequency electric furnaces and installed dust collectors in the workshop. Now, the working environment of the workshop has been significantly improved. In the past, coke was burnt, but electricity is now used, which not only reduces energy consumption, saves energy, and protects the environment, but also improves product accuracy.
CHAENG will further improve the factory's hardware facilities, supporting automation equipment, application of automated procedures to pick up parts, cleaning and polishing, and automatic spraying, etc., to increase the degree of automation of the production process to more than 90%, and continue to improve technology.