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Slag pot steel casting process from CHAENG

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  • May 13, 2020  UTC+8
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The slag pot is an important process equipment for steelmaking in the metallurgical industry. It is mainly used to contain slag such as steel slag produced during the smelting process. The larger the volume of the slag pot, the higher the difficulty of the casting process.

slag pot casting manufacturer CHAENG
CHAENG specializes in manufacturing cast steel slag pot, and attaches great importance to the casting process improvement of slag pots. It has intensified innovation in the production of slag pots and its products are sold at home and abroad.

slag pot casting manufacturer CHAENG
The main slag pot casting processes of CHAENG are: First, before casting, CAE software is used to carry out digital simulation of the casting process, and the digital simulation technology is used to perform process analysis and quality prediction of the product's forming process to optimize the slag pot casting process.
Secondly, a complete set of technology is specially customized to strictly control the welding problems in the slag pot production process;
Finally, advanced flaw detection equipment and flaw detection technology are used for non-destructive flaw detection on the inner wall, trunnion and tilting structure of the slag pot to ensure the quality.