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Leaders of Huixian Investigate Epidemic Prevention Control of CHAENG and resume work

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  • Feb 17, 2020  UTC+8
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On the afternoon of February 14, Chang Baoqing, Deputy Mayor of Huixian City, and Lu Jianxin, Director of the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology of Huixian City, came to chaeng to investigate and guide the epidemic prevention and control, and the company resumed production and production. Mayor Chang reported the company's epidemic prevention and control work in detail.
Chang reviewed the chaeng's epidemic prevention and control measures in detail, and fully affirmed Great Wall's epidemic prevention and control work. Mayor Chang pointed out that the responsibility for doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control is very important, and enterprises should strictly follow the "Notice on Further Promoting the Resumption of Industrial Enterprises' Scientific Rehabilitation and Scientific Rehabilitation" in accordance with the "Notice on the Prevention of Epidemic Situation [ 2020] No. 13) requires that inspections of returnees be done well, preventive and control measures should be detailed to ensure that the epidemic prevention and control work is implemented in a solid manner, and employees' physical health and life safety are effectively protected. On the premise of good epidemic prevention and control, orderly resume work and resume production, and go all out to win the fight against epidemic prevention and control.