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Ground granulated blast-furnace slag plant (GGBS Plant) of Korea POSCO Process highlights

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  • Jun 18, 2019  UTC+8
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Blast furnace slag has achieved a discharge-use balance in industrially developed countries, mainly used as a raw material for slag cement and production of agricultural fertilizer. In order to solve the problem of comprehensive utilization of blast furnace slag, after long-term investigation, POSCO finally chose to cooperate with our company CHAENG to build the 300,000t/y Ground granulated blast-furnace slag plant ( GGBS Plant ).
The finished slag micro-powder will be used as ceramsite to improve soil, so as to increase the yield and quality of crops, and also will be sold as the cement additive.
Process highlights
01. POSCO selected the CHAENG GRMS33.31 vertical roller mill. The process is designed as “One vertical roller mill, two purposes” for the customer's demands, with two feed openings. Different materials can use different feed openings, and the different material conversion takes only 40 minutes, thus one production line can grind two kinds of materials.
02. GGBS plant system adopts DCS central control system, all operation parameters can be adjusted in the middle control, the system response is fast, and the operation is simple and easy.
03. CHAENG has a large steel casting base with all the mainframe and spare parts self-supporting. We can guarantee the delivery process, and provide fast and high quality service for our cunstomers in customizing spare parts.