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How to maintain the vertical mill roller? What should you pay attention to?

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  • Aug 08, 2018  UTC+8
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Regular and thorough maintenance of the vertical mill grinding roller can extend its service life and allow the vertical mill to operate effectively. Please pay special attention to the following points:
vertical mill grindinig roller

1. Ensure that the vertical roller mill runs smoothly (such as checking the height of the retaining ring, etc.).

2. The retaining ring maintains the proper height and is uniform over the entire circumference.

3. Give the grinding roller the proper pressure through the hydraulic system.

4. Check the effectiveness of the air seal in accordance with the operating instructions for the gas seal line.

5. When removing the entire grinding roller, the grinding roller must be turned out from the mill together with the rocker arm. At this point, the expansion sleeve should be released.

6. When assembling, we should pay attention to the correct position of the opening of the conical expansion sleeve connected to the upper rocker arm. The opening of the conical expansion sleeve is blocked with a rope-like material, so that the sealed gas does not come out and the dust does not enter.

7. When inspecting the tapered roller bearing, you can open the cover on the cover. When rein stalling the cover, replace the new O -Seal ring.

8. If the tapered roller bearing can be inspected only when the cover is removed, the roller must be turned to the vertical position by the roll device. When rein stalling the cover, replace the new O -Seal ring.