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The importance of the big gear ring of the rotary kiln

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  • Jul 07, 2015  UTC+8
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As the saying goes: "a small leak will sink a great ship. This sentence tell us a little thing will be disaster if you're not careful. Compared with the main motor, kiln cylinder and other major parts, rotary kiln accessories generally are smaller volume, easy to ignore in the design and manufacture. Accessories is small, but its effect is not allow to ignore. If all parts of rotary kiln can reach the best state, that will enhance the overall performance and efficiency of the rotary kiln

Big gear ring is the key component of rotary kiln operation, its quality directly affect the stability of rotary kiln transmission device, the stability of the rotary kiln, kiln lining service life and operation rate of rotary kiln. There for, when customers choosing girth gear manufacturers, better choose a manufacturers with good reputation, high credibility, so as to guarantee the quality of girth gear. As the most powerful domestic large steel manufacturers, the Great Wall steel casting has years of experience in rotary kiln large girth gear castings, case all over the country, is the choice of thousands of loyal customers.


 Big gear ring manufactured by us uses the technic of particular heat treatment, which makes its structure optimized, its hardness improved, its wear-resistant and anti-impacting enhanced. big gear ring uses high strength steel. We also make the optimization for the product according to the operation characteristics of rotary kiln, ensuring the stability of the component during a long time operation, and extending the service life of the components. Our company has strong production capability in steel casting, and can provide the product in large quantity with short delivery.

After years of development and experience, the Great Wall steel casting has become the largest casting production and processing enterprises in North Henan. At present, the Great Wall steel casting have had the comprehensive ability to provide clients with a series of service from the rough casting to machining finished product processing, customers are welcome to come to counseling